Friday, February 3, 2012

In 6 words or less ... take 2

So in June we had a contest -- create a tag line for Holden's Landing using 6 words or less.  The entries, both here and on facebook, were awesome.  I used a few of them for theme stockings (Peace, Love & Nappiness was my favorite, with The Dye's the Limit coming in a close second!), but still ... nothing stuck as the tagline for HL. 

I am far too picky.

The fact remains - HL still needs a good tag line.  So ... it's time for contest #2!

The contest is the same: Create a tag line/brand for HL using 6 words or less, and post your entry(ies) to the comments section or to the thread on facebook.  You can post as many entries as you like.  Contest is open from now until Friday, February 10th at noon est.  The winner will receive a $30 gift certificate, good on any instock or custom item. 

So put your creative thinking caps on and hit me with your best shot! (I am so terrible at this!)


Shanon said...

Holden's Landing:

"Dyeing to be different"
"Coloured with love"
"One of a kind, cloth goodness"
"Luscious cloth for your tots"
"Only limited by your imagination"
"All the colours of the rainbow"
"More then just nappies/diapers"
"Unique in every way"

Stacey said...

Cuteness for your cuties toosh
Couture diapers for your little one
Made to cuddle your baby's bottom
Made with love, worn with love
Imagination made in to reality
Dream diapers/nappies come true

Anonymous said...

cloth love creations
fluffy yummy cloth
rainbow clothness
fluffy cloth happiness


Sherry S said...

Holden's Landing:
Bum Art
Dyed and Gone to Heavenly Bums
Do your Nappy Dance
Don't Worry Buy Nappies
We've got your baby bums covered
Nappies too pretty for poop (lol)
The Art of Cloth Diapering
Making Your Fluffy Dreams Come True