Friday, January 13, 2012

Friday the 13th

It's Friday the 13th.  My parents are closing the sale on the house that I spent the 2nd half of my childhood in today.  They moved about a month ago and are thrilled!

20 years ago, on a Friday the 13th, I ______________________.  The first person to correctly answer gets a coupon code for 13% off any instock item in our etsy shop (expires on the next Friday the 13th in 2012 - April 13th).

Congratulations to Maria and Kaleena, who posted the winning answer on facebook!

* The answer is:
20 years ago, on a Friday the 13th, I got my driver's license.  Everyone at school was teasing me saying it was bad luck to have my test on that day.  And I got the scariest tester too.  I remember him pulling me over on Nottingham Terrace to yell at me because I took the (hairpin) turn too slowly.  I did get pass though - I believe that the going to slow thing was my only infraction :P 


Anonymous said...

got married??

Kirstie D said...

You got your first sewing machine?