Friday, October 30, 2009

It's Pajama Time!

Anyone know that book? First person to post the author to the comments section wins a free Earth*School e-unit!

Today is our annual K&F pajama Party! Woo hoo! Stop by for all your Pajama Party needs - night diapers, yummy food and drink, new jammies, soaps to freshen up before bed, lip balms and cream to pamper yourself and friends with ...

Here is a sneak peek of today's stocking. Holden's Landing is offering a special BedBug BlowOut - 10 custom slots at $6 off per BedBug - what incredible savings! Some new colorways and some old favorites are offered.


Christina said...

I know I'm late to this, but I can't believe no one posted the answer! It's Sandra Boynton :)

Holden's Landing said...

You've got it Christina :) She is my favorite author for toddler books, I think I have them all memorized, lol. Send me an email at with your choice of Earth*School unit and I will email it on over to you asap :) You can find the Earth*school unit descriptions here -