Tuesday, September 15, 2009

International fair

Today we spent the afternoon at an international fair put on by a local group of homeschool teenagers. We had a blast! The kids got passports when we arrived, and traveled from booth to booth doing activities, tasting foods, playing games. At each booth they had to answer a question in their passport and get it stamped by the teens running the booth.

ASL booth - the kids learned a whole bunch of animals signs and how to play "Go Fish" in sign language. Holden was the winner!

Signing "cow"

Signing "duck"

At the Scotland booth, the kids got to write their names in Gaelic/Tengwar and make a Scottish flag

At the braille booth, the kids tried on blinders, checked out some braillle writing, saw how to write their own names in braille and got braille name tags made for them

This was Holden's favorite - hurling at the Irish booth. He kept going back to try this out again and again. I am going to have to make him his own hurley to take to the soccer fields!

There was a music booth as well, and the kids made tambourines and listened to some Beethoven

I think the Japan booth was Kenna's favorite. She loved trying to play kendama (so did Holden). And we got to see each of our names written out in Japanese. In the pic, McKenna (Me-kenna)'s is written first, on the left, then Holden's, then mine

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